About Us

ODBST is made up of our family of schools, belonging to one ambitious and aspirational Trust.  We have a clear focus on school improvement. Our mission is to empower our unique schools to excel. We want our children and young people to be able to ‘experience life in all its fullness’ and although this is rooted in a Christian narrative (taken from John 10:10), irrespective of a faith perspective, that is what all of us want for our pupils.

This has been borne out by the community schools that have chosen to join ODBST, signing up to the vision and values that have children at their core. The trust exists for families with faith and none and regardless of any faith perspective we invest in our pupils’ spiritual development. Our schools exist to serve their community. We want our pupils to achieve all that they possibly can and, in doing so, that they and their families experience the best quality of education and care. We strive to foster a great sense of belonging in our schools so that pupils, parents, staff and the wider community all feel proud to be part of the family. 

Our Trust strives to enable strong and effective local leadership that is supported and challenged to recruit, train and retain quality staff; be passionate about being the best that they can be; provide opportunities for enriched learning and pathways for all pupils, and work with governors to make decisions at a local level. We offer unrivalled opportunities for professional development and networking for teaching and support staff. We have cultivated a strong and supportive environment for our schools that utilises the collective skills and knowledge of our Headteachers and practitioners, enabling our schools to achieve high educational standards.

For more details please visit our Vision and Values page or contact us for more information.