Vision and Values

ODBST is a new Diocesan Multi Academy Trust (MAT) established in September 2017 by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education (ODBE) to provide an organisation for schools seeking to become an Academy within a MAT.

ODBST is open for schools within the Buckingham episcopal area (which covers Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes). It is a mixed MAT; any school can apply to join: voluntary controlled, voluntary aided, academy or community; primary or secondary; mainstream or special.

Our purpose is clear: we want our pupils to achieve all that they possibly can and, in doing so, that they and their families experience the best quality of education and care.

We aspire for every pupil and adult to ‘experience life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10) 

Our mission is to empower our unique schools to excel. This is operated through a high level of accountability devolved to each Local Governing Body (LGB), which is supported by a “School to School” improvement model, facilitated by a core team of experienced professionals (i.e. ex-head teachers, lead HMI) at the centre of the organisation, in partnership with the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education.

All that we do across our trust is rooted in the Christian values of: wisdom, knowledge and skills; hope and aspiration; dignity and respect, as well as a commitment to building the community and living well together.

Each of our schools has a unique character of its own and we will work to ensure that this vision embraces all our pupils and adults, regardless of background and belief. We empower our schools to deliver a broad, enriched and exciting curriculum, coupled with a shared zest for life and learning.

We have identified 4 core values: Inclusivity, Community, Service, Empowerment that resonate with what we believe the ODBST Learner and Leader should follow.  They reflect the values that are central to our schools and the diocese. Through our values, we aim for excellence for everyone in our Trust. Building on the uniqueness of our pupils, families and school communities, we strive to enable everyone to develop and thrive intellectually, socially, culturally and spiritually.

Our Trust strives to enable strong and effective local leadership that is supported and challenged to recruit, train and retain quality staff; be passionate about being the best that they can be; provide opportunities for enriched learning and pathways for all pupils, and work with governors to make decisions at a local level.

Our Trustees relentlessly focus on improvement. Trustees are tasked to embody these values in their contacts with our schools; to celebrate success and agree to build partnerships to develop the schools we serve.