Green schools

All ODBST schools are signed up to ‘Eco Schools’ which helps them to build a personalised action plan to achieve ‘Green Flag’ status. This is lots of fun for the children and gives an opportunity to see their achievements after a year. Supported by the Trust to identify grants, products and technology, our schools have succeeded in making significant improvements in their own eco credentials in recent months. We are also a member of ‘Let’s Go Zero’ a nationwide commitment and campaign to reducing carbon, this also provides member schools with a toolkit for change.

Energy use with regards to water, gas and electricity is a large contributor to our school’s carbon footprint and we are committed to reducing this by regularly monitoring usage down to individual school, date, and time of use. We are currently looking into gas and electric logger products to better identify energy wastage and savings.

We are also exploring alternative energy, with three of our schools already in the surveying phase for potential solar power in 2024, this is just phase one in the long term plan for all ODBST schools to generate their own solar energy. Wider plans are to involve children in this and work together as a Trust, School and community to turn our schools into eco-friendly buildings of the future.