Teriffic Training Day at ODBST

Keeping all our teachers up to date with the latest training and enabling them to give all of the pupils under our care the best possible start is one of the key motivations for the central team in the Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust.

As such we put on multiple training events throughout the year, most recently this took the form of a times table session – run by Nathan Crook. A range of ideas were provided and demonstrated to ensure learning and teaching approaches were developed that use manipulatives, models and images to illustrate multiplication facts alongside connected division ones. In addition, participants explored how an assortment of engaging games can be introduced that allow children to apply use of these facts with flexibility as part of the learning process.

This was followed by Diving Deep into the Curriculum: a practical twilight for subject leaders run by the Trusts CEO David Cousins. Most of our work and training surrounding the new 2019 Ofsted framework has focused on preparing headteachers for the changes to the structure of inspection, the revised judgements and the organisation of the inspection itself. With the new training we wanted to explore the thinking and practice behind the new ‘Deep Dive’ approach to the curriculum where the impact will be greatest – on those members of staff who manage a curriculum area.

So, we organised a practical session for middle leaders to look at and practice the deep dive methodology. It was a hands-on session capitalising on the experience of ODST and ODBST of inspection thus far this year. This course was so successful the Trust will be running a further 3 sessions across the county, all of which can be booked via the Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust Eventbrite page.